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The WiPeel is unlike any other peel on the market. A TCA Peel combined with Hydrogen Peroxide to deliver a deeper penetration. This allows us to target age spots, dark spots, and wrinkles at the source WITHOUT THE PEEL!

What to expect

  • Patients will complete a series of 4 treatments, 1 week apart.

  • Patients may feel stinging, burning, and tightening sensation for some time after the application of the peel.

  • Patients may also notice some darker pigmentation become more apparent. This is normal. As the patient progresses through the treatments, they will begin to notice the brown spots flake away.

  • There is no downtime. Patients may continue with their daily routines.

  • Patients will be given a skincare regiment to aid in achieving maximum results.

Before and after WiPeel 1

Before and after WiPeel 2

BioRevitalization Treatment

NOW available in the USA!

NO PEEL & NO sun-sensitivity!!

Be one of the FIRST to offer this amazing new treatment!

How does it work?

Bio Revitalization by WiQo combines hydrogen peroxide with TCA to produce skin tightening effects without downtime, pain, surgery or peeling. Many providers are very familiar with TCA as it's traditionally used in chemical peels. WiQo's topical patented PRX -T33 solution uses hydrogen peroxide to modulate through pores in the skin -- permitting the TCA to penetrate into the dermis where it creates collagen and activates tissue fibroblasts. WiQo can be used anywhere on the face and body -- and has a lasting, immediate visible effect.

How can it be used?

WiPeel is an amazing treatment for patients to see results with:

  • Lift & Tightening Scars
  • Tone & Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch marks

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