Have you tried dieting and exercising but still have stubborn fat that won’t go away?

Then turn to Lipo-Dissolve to get rid of stubborn fat and unattractive dimpling from cellulite without surgery or extreme dieting.

Lipo-Dissolve is a safe, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. There are no incisions, no scarring, and no down time. The goal of Lipo-Dissolve is to get rid of cellulite and rejuvenate the skin. Lipo-Dissolve is commonly injected into the neck, abdomen, arms, thighs and glutes. Sometimes Lipo-Dissolve can be used for body sculpting instead of liposuction or laser therapy.

Lipo-Dissolve can reduce the appearance of belly fat, double chins, love handles, leg and buttock fat, under arm fat (bra bulge), and anywhere else cellulite collects.

What is Lipo-Dissolve

What is Lipo-Dissolve

Lipo-Dissolve is a combination of medication, vitamins, and amino acids designed to break down fat cells under the skin and improve blood flow to the treated area. The formulation acts to dissolve the excess fat, destroy cellulite, and boost lymphatic drainage.

Most patients have noticeable results after 2 or 3 sessions. The effects of Lipo-Dissolve can last for several months or even a year. A healthy diet and exercise routine should be followed for optimal results from mLipo-Dissolve treatments.

Ideal candidates for mesotherapy have a BMI of 20 to 30. Try our BMI calculator above to see what yours is.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Lipo-Dissolve is done as a series of injections during an office visit. You may receive up to 30 injections per treatment area during a single session, which can last about 20 minutes. Most patients require 7 to 10 treatments per area, depending on how much cellulite and fat you want to lose. In general, only one or two areas should be treated at a time.

We will inject the medication wherever you want to blast away cellulite – your chin, upper arms, belly, thighs, etc. Lipo-Dissolve needles are microneedles, not much bigger than an eyelash, so the procedure is virtually painless. After the procedure, there may be slight burning or itchiness for about an hour, and the injection site may be sore for a day or two. Minimal swelling and bruising may occur for up to 7 days. Allergic reactions are rare. 

Lipo-Dissolve is not for everyone.

If you have a history of stroke, recent cancer, or blood clots, or if you are pregnant, an insulin-dependent diabetic, or on multiple medications for heart disease, you are not a candidate for Lipo-Dissolve.