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RevIVe Drip Lounge

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Say goodbye to low libido, chronic fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms from nutrient deficiencies that are quickly zapping your youth.

Until now, there wasn’t a quick or easy solution to many of the ailments plaguing our modern, on-the-go society. Our RevIVe drip lounge at New Horizons offers vitamin infusions to treat patients with micronutrient deficiency from illness, hangovers, and lack of sleep to restore energy and vitality.

RevIVe treatments promote total wellness of your body and mind, so your spirit stays healthy as well. We offer pre- and post-workout recovery hydration to maximize your performance, as well as treatment to boost your energy so you can make it through your busy day.

Our brand new, luxurious IV drip lounge offers a comfortable, social experience much different than you would expect to find in a doctor’s office or hospital. We offer the following drip treatments to promote a youthful vibrancy.

Detox DRiP


Day in and day out our body is subjected to toxins in the air or even some of the things we eat. Our detox drip helps your body naturally discard the impurities by using key vitamins to aid your body to work at it's full potential

Energy DRiP


Feeling fatigue has become a popular ailment for our busy society. This "on the go" mentality depletes our natural micro nutrients and vitamins causing us to feel drained, exhausted and fatigued. Our Energy Drip replenishes those to help you feel energized and ready to go.

Hangover DRiP


Having fun isn't a crime but you do pay for it the next day. Splitting headaches, weakness, and dehydration are all caused by that fun night you had. Come into our lounge and leave feeling better.

Goliath DRiP


Glutamine, arginine, citrulline, leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, taurine, magnesium sulfate, heptahydrate, selenium (sodium selenium), ascorbic acid, hydroxocobalamin

Recharge DRiP


This drip makes an excellent pair with our Detox. You removed your toxins and now you need the vitamins you bring you back to 100.

RevIVe 1000


Rehydrate with saline (1 litre)

RevIVe 500


Rehydrate with saline (500 ML)

Ready to revitalize your body and mind? Call our Spring, Texas office at (281) 419-5544 to schedule an appointment for a RevIVe drip treatment today.

*The results described on this site are based on data collected regarding short- and intermediate-term efficacy of treatment. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.